Big Cover up

 BIG COVER UP is a motorcycle run presented by. The Pioneers M/C and the Messengers M/C. This is the 20th year we have been doing this and it is a worthy cause. Sunday December 20, 2015. A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT! Bring Blankets and Socks All Bikes are welcome to our Clean and Sober Events
St. Vincent de Paul Village

Every family and individual in need deserves to be treated with dignity. From a family struggling to make ends meet to a veteran who feels alone, or a battered woman fleeing domestic violence, we provide the personal support and essential care each person deserves. Our mission is to do more than alleviate someone's problems – we want them to build the skills and self-confidence that leads to success. St. Vincent de Paul Village helps people replace a sense of despair with a sense of dignity and hope.

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The Brother Benno Foundation, Inc. 

They are dedicated to distributing the generous gifts entrusted to it by the community, to serve and uplift the dignity of those in the community who are in vital need in North Coastal San Diego County. 

The goals of the Brother Benno Foundation are to see that, within the limits of our resources, no one in our area goes hungry, no one goes without shelter or clothing, and most importantly, no one goes without someone to care for him or her.  We also strive to help our guests attain self-sufficiency.
From the beginning, the Kutlers decided to refer to the people they serve as guests instead of clients.  Their choice of the word guest has been the underpinning of their entire philosophy, which is one of loving service and the belief that everyone has value and no one is a lost cause. 

Our Primary Purpose is to Remain Clean and Sober and to Enjoy Motorcycling
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