Our Primary Purpose is to Remain Clean and Sober and to Enjoy Motorcycling
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 I realize part of our program is daily prayer and meditation. It is my belief the most powerful prayer is not the prayer for us but for our fellow brethren As Bill states on (page 13). (Page 70) tells us God is the final judge, therefore we cannot pass judgment on our fellows, at times we need prayer to remove the stumbling blocks from us. Not just our prayers but also the prayers of others, this is a very important part of our program, if not the most important part, after all we prayed for the obsession to be lifted and God answered our prayers, we prayed for our sick children and God healed them. I feel this is the most over look part of our program. Not only do we share our stories with one another, we must also share our prayers for one another. Remember when we prayed my creator; I am now willing that you should have all of me (Page 76). This means we have giving ourselves to God he is now our new employer, he now takes care of us. If we are all for God nothing can be against us. There is no power that can make us drink. Again we look at prayer (82) tells us each night pray about it, having the other one's happiness uppermost in our mind, meaning we pray for others. At times, we may have to pray asking for freedom from self-will the book states we are careful to make no requests for our self only. If we are not making requests for ourselves this means, we are praying for others. (87) We are careful never to pray for our own selfish ends. Pioneers I will be the first to admit prayer and the talk of God made me cringe. As a newcomer, as it was explained to me I have tapped into a source of power much greater than I (163). Pioneers remember we are now on a different basis; the basis of trusting and relying upon God we trust infinite God rather than our finite self (68). This requires communication. The most powerful prayers are for our brothers and their family, and the alcoholic who still suffers.
Believer President of the Cherokee chapter